Profit Train Development Release Notes

ProfitTrain 2.3 – 2015-01-28 Download

ProfitTrain 2.3

A small but helpful release to improved your ProfitTrain experience. Please see our blog post for more details.

ProfitTrain 2.2 – 2013-12-20 Download

ProfitTrain 2.2

Excited to have ProfitTrain 2.2 out before the end of the year. Please see our blog post for more details on this release.



ProfitTrain 2.1 – 2013-05-24 Download

ProfitTrain 2.1

Lots of new things in 2.1. Please see our blog post for details and a short video showing the latest features.


  • Better Reporting - ProfitTrain now has the ability to add and remove new reports. You can make your own or download existing ones from the Report Gallery.
  • New Report Gallery - A listing of available reports with image and download link.
  • New Invoice Template Gallery - A listing of available invoice templates with links to download and add to ProfitTrain.
  • New Getting Started Guide - Learn everything you need to know about ProfitTrain in minutes.


  • Reports can now be added to ProfitTrain.
  • New Add Reports Window with links to screencast on adding reports, reports gallery, and documentation on creating custom reports.
  • New Reports Gallery has been created and 5 original reports have been added.
  • Ability to remove reports that you have added.
  • Reports work across multiple businesses. You do not need to add or remove reports from the different businesses separately.
  • The welcome window has been redone.
  • New Invoice Template gallery has been added. 4 new invoice templates have been added.
  • Changes to the help menu pointing to links to online documentation and the new invoice and reports galleries.
  • New fields added to objects to make custom invoices (and reports) more flexible.
  • All date fields will now autofill today's date when 't' is entered.
  • Sending email for paid invoices now show subject as "Payment Receipt..."
  • Invoiced expenses will bring now have invoice date if expense does not have a date specified.
  • Logo images no longer stored in cache (and occasionally lost there).
  • Online help has been updated heavily. Lots more videos and details on common things.
  • New getting started guide covers all the basics.

ProfitTrain 2.0.10 – 2013-02-18 Download

Big News!

ProfitTrain has been acquired by RazorAnt Software. Read the details here.


  • Branding changes (from Clickable Bliss to RazorAnt Software)
  • Updated all web links to new locations.
  • Code clean up (corrected warnings and removed unused code)
  • Updating 3rd party libraries (bug fixes, current code bases)

ProfitTrain 2.0.9 – 2011-07-28 Download

Bug Fixes

  • While moving to the 10.6 SDK ProfitTrain unknowingly dropped support for PowerPC. It's back now.
  • Xcode on 10.6 was not properly linking the libcrypto library which was causing the app not to start for all Leopard users. This should be fixed now. More info can be found on Stack Overflow.

ProfitTrain 2.0.8 – 2011-07-26 Download

New Features

  • ProfitTrain now has built in email support for Sparrow. Thanks to Al Nyveldt !
  • ProfitTrain now has built in email support for Microsoft Outlook. Thanks to Dave Lane.

Bug Fixes

  • The Play Screencast action is much more forgiving if you don't have an older versions of the QuickTime player installed.
  • The Open Blueprint button on the Edit Invoice Sheet now stays in position during resize.
  • Edit > Select All will now work properly for the to do item table.
  • When dismissing the Edit Invoice sheet we now force active textfields to finish their current editing.
  • Now uses less memory for large Billable imports.

ProfitTrain 2.0.7 – 2010-03-23 Download

Bug Fixes

  • Changed some of the resource loading sequence to avoid a rare but annoying bug that would break the user interface.

ProfitTrain 2.0.6 – 2010-03-22 Download

Bug Fixes

  • To help avoid bad caching of data while generating invoices or reports we now use a fresh instance of MGTemplateEngine each time we generate HTML. (Matt Edwards)
  • Augmented the -isDeleted method on all the core objects to return YES when their parent object has been deleted. This caused some reports to show incorrect data. For example, if a deleted client's transactions were still included in the income report. (Matt Edwards)
  • When you publish an invoice a charge transaction is created. Previously that transaction's date was always 'today' .. now it will use the sent date of the invoice you are publishing. (Brian B. Burton)
  • Added some code to the token field editor delegate that should allow you to use white spaces in your invoice number scheme. This seems to require 10.6. (LongWelsh)

ProfitTrain 2.0.5 – 2010-03-18 Download

Bug Fixes

  • Duplicating an invoice will no longer duplicate deleted line items that were present (but not displayed) on the original. (Brian B. Burton)
  • Sorting by invoice numbers that contain date tokens has been improved to make sure it takes into consideration all the digits in the string. (Ted Wood)

ProfitTrain 2.0.4 – 2010-03-13 Download

Bug Fixes

  • Some users experienced an issue where-in the to do item table selection would unselect after they started a timer and every time the timer incremented. This should be fixed now.
  • If you have an invoice number scheme that involves the sent date and a business/client incrementing number, previous versions of ProfitTrain would incorrectly use the 'next' number when adjusting the invoice number. It still does use this number but we try to catch this edge case and decrement the number when needed. Long term we need to make some model changes to better support this use case.

ProfitTrain 2.0.3 – 2010-03-05 Download

Bug Fixes

  • New Clients were not inheriting the invoice footer text from the business. This is now fixed. If you need to update existing clients you can use the utility in the business editor to update the footer field for all clients of the business. (Dale Williams)
  • If a business had an Invoice Number Scheme that used date tokens, the resulting invoices were not properly updating their invoice numbers when the sent date changed (manually or during the publish event). This should work now.

ProfitTrain 2.0.2 – 2010-03-02 Download

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash bug if you tried to send an invoice to the printer via the Publish sheet. (carl)

ProfitTrain 2.0.1 – 2010-03-01 Download

Invoice Numbers

  • Enhanced the utility that let's you re-assign invoice numbers after editing the schema.
  • Changed the way in which invoice numbers are sorted in the invoice table. Previously ProfitTrain used string comparisons, it now uses numeric. This should help people form Billable which used a starting invoice number of 1. (splee, Rob Roye)
  • Known Issue: If you set up an invoice number schema that utilizes the date is does not work at the moment.

Other Changes

  • The date formatter has been improved to handle short hand dates formats that are used outside the US, such as 'DD.MM'. These dates will auto append a period and add the current year if needed.
  • You can now enter in a blank invoice label value under the translations tab in the Business Editor. Previously blank values caused all labels not to work. (Jankees van Woezik)
  • You can now use the Edit > Delete menu option to delete objects from tables and source lists.
  • You can now use the keyboard delete key to delete objects from source lists.
  • Added nowrap="nowrap" to the tfoot area of both templates to prevent non-US currency symbols from wrapping.
  • Removed some excessive logging that was added to debug source lists right before we shipped 2.0.
  • ProfitTrain will now properly remember in-between launches the last active business you were using.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would show the improper state of Active/Inactive in the client inspector. (Chris Mullin)
  • Fixed a bug that would cause an error under certain occasions while registering. (jtchambliss)
  • If you were editing the business footer text setting and hit the button to copy the setting to the existing clients we did not end editing before bringing up the utility sheet so it would copy the old value. (Hamish Rickerby)

ProfitTrain 2.0 – 2010-02-27 Download

This is the 2.0 version of ProfitTrain; previously known as Billable. For more info please see the following resources:

Bug Fixes (since 2.0b24 beta)

  • Removed the Customize Toolbar… menu under the View in the main menu, since we don't currently allow toolbar customization. Should we need to, it will be added back in the future. (Daniel Jalkut)
  • Removed the Visualization of Reports menu since users have no real need for it at this time.
  • Edited the wording of the preference utility that lets users turn on all alerts. (Daniel Jalkut)
  • Fixed the selection after delete behavior for most tables in the system to be more consistent(ie: it will attempt to select the object above the one being deleted). Delete behavior of an object in a source list (ala clients or expense categories) will be fixed in 2.1. (Daniel Jalkut)